Medicines: Target

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Immediate Prescription Assistance

I am looking for anyone who can help or has ideas that might help. My grandma went to pick up her prescriptions this evening and was told she is no longer covered on grandpas insurance from his work. She called insur. and they confirmed. She has multiple health conditions and cannot afford the $700 for her scripts the pharmacy wanted to charge her. She is deathly afraid because she does not have any medications for tomorrow and to be honest I'm worried bout her. Her blood pressure is through the roof with stress and worry. I am going to...


Too Many Medication

My daughter who turns 8 months tomorrow is now on her third antiboitic this...


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Target Brand of Formula

Has anyone had their baby on similac sensitive and switched to the target brand of sensitive? I'm just wondering if your baby adjusted well.


Target Brand Diapers

We have been using Huggies Little movers exclusively for about 6 months. I...


Allergic to Dairy

My one year old is allergic to dairy. This was easy when he was on formula...


Allergic to Formula?

I have been pumping and feeding my 5 month old breast milk up until now, but...

Over the Counter (OTC)

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Over the Counter Teeth Whitener

Can you suggest to me which over the counter teeth whitener is best. I have not explored this avenue yet and would like to get rid of tea and coffee stains.


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