Medicines: Preschooler

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My 3 Year Old Is Constipated

M.H. asks from Cincinnati

Hi there, I have a problem that I need help with. I have a 3 year old girl who has been potty trained, but is having trouble going potty for #2. She states that she ...


3 Year Old Prescribed Adderall- HELP!!!!

N.A. asks from Spokane

After the last 18 months or so we finally have some answers to our sons ourbursts and radical behavior. Our 3 year old has been diagnosed with Autism and his Dr. put...


Lice Medication

S. asks from St. Louis

I am so tired of asking for advice on this lice issue!! But, here I am once again... I know that there is a prescription medication for lice. But, what I don't know i...


4 Year Old Boy with Bad Behavior

P.S. asks from Houston

My son has recently started acting out in pre-k. When I ask him why he is being bad he says the voices inside him tell him too. Is he just trying to divert the blame ...


Advise on Dr. Prescription

M.M. asks from El Paso

I took my 10 year old son to the doctor with symptoms including a soar throat and stuffy nose. The nurse did a quick strep test that came back negative. When the do...


My 3 Year Old Son Has 4 Cavities!!!

D.C. asks from San Francisco

So I brought my child to get his teeth checked and it turns out that he has 4 cavities. I was in shock since he just had his teeth looked at by our family dentist bac...


Chicken Pox and Medication

A.C. asks from Boca Raton

Hi! Today my daughter broke out with what we believe to be the chicken pox. We are all fine with it and consider it part of growing up. I brought her to the dr thi...


Rash on My 3 Year Old

L.S. asks from New York

Hi ladies; I have received such good advice in the past with questions I have had, I hope you can help me with this. My 3 year old daughter has a rash all over he...


Seeking Advice on Antidepressant Medication

S.D. asks from Topeka

I would like information on what type of Antidepressant's women are taking right now and how it is benefiting them.I have struggled most of my life with Bipolar and ...


My 4 Year Old Daughter Might Be Bipolar

M.D. asks from St. Louis

Our 4 year old daughter has been exhibiting a lot of behavior and is being evaluated to see if she is bipolar. Do any of you have bipolar children? How do you handle ...