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Cost of Prescription Retinol?

Hi ladies - I am coming up on the big 5-0 and finally decided to see a dermatologist about retinol cream. She gave me an over the counter formula first to get my skin used to it (stronger than drug store brand but gentler than rx brand) and that was a whopping $178 though I found it far less on Amazon. What can I expect to pay for a prescription brand? I've heard that over 40 insurance does NOT cover any of the cost, even if it's for acne as they suspect it's really for wrinkles! I'd love to know what I'm getting into $$ wise. Thank you!


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Straterra or Concerta for ADHD??

My son is 8.5 and has been on Concerta for about 2 years now. He seems to be doing better in school but I have to say I am at my wits ends. Since Concerta takes an hour or so to work, mornings are a nightmare. He is just so hyper. Every morning I dread waking up and dealing with getting him ready for school and me ready for work. We have a large family and it's hard enough simply because of that, but add a very hyper child, and it's even worse. Then by the time he gets home from school, the meds seem to be wearing off and evenings are...



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Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found red sploches that looked like hives all over her chest and tummy. I have no clue what it is... I have her Zyertec and just watched her to make sure it didnt spread or any breathing problems...which were none. She ate nothing different than what she has eaten before. She ate eggs and lunch meat for lunch. She did wear a new t-shirt that i dont think i washed before putting it on her. Do you think it could be a sudden egg allergy or something she is...


Allergy or Not?

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought...


Allergic to Gluten

My allergy test from a blood sample finally came in . . . as suspected, I am...

Cough & Cold

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Son Wakes with Stuffy Nose

My son who is 14 months old usually wakes earlier in the morning than usual (6 am) with a stuffy nose. Once he is up he wakes up completely after his nose has been cleaned out. Rarely he will not have a stuffy nose in the early morning and sleep until 7. His schedule gets all off waking up an hour earlier (he'll take 2 naps and then go to bed late), plus I would love to have that extra hour of sleep. I've tried everything from humidifier to vaporizer and it still never fails in the early morning hours he gets such a congested nose he wakes...


Help with Stuffy Nose

My 5 month old has had a stuffy nose for a little over a week now. Last Wed...


Always Stuffy Nose

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having this stuffy nose problem for past...


Head Ache

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Head Ache for 3 Days

I have had a head ache for 3 days now. it started off under my eye and not is above it. seems like sinus type stuff to me. however i have tried taking sinus meds migraine meds and just plain old Tylenol aleeve Advil. still nothing is helping. since i have had this head ache it feels like my brain is rolling around every time i move. has anyone had pain like this before its starting to scare me!

Over the Counter (OTC)

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"OTC Meds or Not"

Lately there has been alot of talk about not giving children under 2 over the counter cold meds. Some doctors say its ok some not. what to do when your 15month old is up all night and can't breathe? How did we ever survive the OTC meds. as a child, and I know our moms gave it and we all did up until about 2 yrs ago when the FDA scared everyone. Iam looking for some home remedies for head congestion in a 15 month old. Iam also wondering if anyone out there still uses the OTC meds for thier children?


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Do I Need a RX for Ringworm?

i first thought it was just dry skin, but everyone who sees it thinks its ring worm. I would love to avoid a dr visit because she is just terrified of him, but i will go in need be; do you know if i need an RX??

Sinusitis or Congestion

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Over the Counter Medicine

Hello Mommies, I need some helpful advise about safe cold medicine over the counter. My son is starting with a cold right now and before I run to the doctor as I usually do I would like to fight this cold off with over the counter medicine. I know there has been quite a bit of medicine pulled off the shelves. So Mom's any ideas on which one's that are still available that work well? Right now he has a clear runny nose and a slight cough. Thanks! J.


Colds and Medicine

My 18 month old has a really bad cough, we have been to the doctors. She is...