Medicines: Maalox

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Hand Foot and Mouth

My son was just diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth and I am reaching out to all you moms who have had a child with this. Between the internet and the Dr. and neighbors and family, I am getting confused about how long it is supposed to last, how contagious it is, and when it would be safe for him to be around other kids. The Dr. told me it's fine just as long as they don't share sippy cups because it is transmitted through saliva. The internet is saying that the blisters will open and the fluid inside is what contains the virus and at...


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Any Moms Out There Have Experience with Adderall??

My 6 year old is on Adderall for his ADHD. He was only on it 2 weeks when he started having panick attacks. He screams that he can't breathe, he is afraid to die and all sorts of terrible things. I don't know where he gets some of the things he says. He does see counselor and I have him set up with the "traveling wellness" group. They are in the process of testing him for all sorts of things. I am having a hard time and I feel like a terrible mother because my 6 year old should not be depressed, worried about dying or having a negative...



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Milk Allergy, Acid Reflux or WHAT???

I daughter is 6 1/2 weeks old and is having issues with feeding. Symptoms: Spitting up - a lot now that on Nutramigen, before it was occasional. Diarrhea - for a week, as of today (Was constipated until switching to Nutramigen) Sounding congested - Dr. says it's not a cold (worse on milk-based formula, but doesn't clear up on Nutramigen) Coughing/Gagging/Choking - Dr. says it's a milk allergy or acid reflux (prescribed Axid for acid reflux and on Nutramigen(hypoallerginic formula) Stomach ache - Did not get better on Nutramigen. ...


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Causes of Diarrhea

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away. However, we are going on 4 days of diarrhea. My poor kid. It started Saturday and shows no signs of letting up. I called his Ped. but since he does not have a fever, is not vomiting, and still has an appatite they said there is really nothing they can do it just has to run it coarse. I don't know what's causing it. Maybe he picked up a bacteria, maybe he's got some back teeth coming in, I dont' know. I've got him on a very bland diet and keeping him hydrated...

Cough & Cold

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Acid Reflux in Infant

Hello everyone. I am writing to get as much feed back on acid reflux in infants as I can. My daughter started spitting up when she was 2 weeks old i was breastfeeding her and she was extremely uncomfortable. She would arch her back when feeding and then after words she would spit up and chock like 2 hrs after feeding her. The spit up would come out her nose, and she could never settle. After talking with her ped we first tried sleeping her up right, hold her on my shoulder for 30 min after feeding and burping often this did not work. Then...


Nasty Diaper Rash

My daughter is almost 20 months old. She's had the upper respritory cough...


Always Stuffy Nose

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having this stuffy nose problem for past...


Head Ache

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Toddler Tummy Ache Remedy?

Hello Mommies! Does anyone have a good tummy ache remedy for a toddler? My 19mo old daughter had her first tummy ache tonight at bed time, and I searched all over the web for answers, only to have to lay her down w/ no solution :( I did read that laying on her stomach should help, and she did fall asleep easily, so I'm thinking it didn't hurt too bad(this time) I found tons of articles on causes, and a couple recipes for concoctions that I didn't have ingredients for. I'm assuming the tummy ache was from something she ate, she was pointing...


2 Year Molars?

just real quickly because obviously i shouldn't be on here right now but i...

Over the Counter (OTC)

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Formulas/treatments That Work Well for Babies with Ger/acid Reflux

I have a 3 week old daughter that was just diagnosed with GERD/acid reflux. I am trying to get recommendations on formulas that are better tolerated by babies with GER. For now, the dr has me sitting the baby up for a half hour after she eats and giving her 0.5 ml of Maalox after each feeding. We just started this so I don't know how it will work, but next week we will change the formula - the dr had her on similac alimentum, which is really expensive and perhaps not necessary. Any recommendations on treatments, what to do to make her feel...


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Experience W/ Colic Calm Gripe Water ? Prevacid/Zantac Not Working

My baby is 5 weeks old and was diagnosed a week ago with reflux (GER) which she's had probably since she was about 3-3.5 weeks old. She cries nonstop all day basically. She's on prevacid in the morning maalox max throughout the day (as needed) which provides very temporary relief (few minutes) and Zantac at night. It's been just over 5 days now and we're still not seeing much improvement. My ped GI said give it 2 weeks but that just seems ridiculous - you'd think by now I'd see a little improvement! I heard about Colic Calm gripe water....


Hand Foot and Mouth

My son was just diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth and I am reaching out to...

Sinusitis or Congestion

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Need Help for Baby's Congestion and Lots of Spit Up

My sweet 8 week old son has been very congested since he was born. The docs told us that he ingested a lot of fluid and that was the main cause. But, he is still very congested at this point. It disrupts his ability to sleep and eat. I have asked my son's two doctors for help with this, but since they have not "heard" his congestion (much worse at night and in the early morning) they have not offered me much help. I have been using saline drops in his nose as well as the little sucker thing... Do you have any suggestions? Also, he...


Is This Going Around?

I was wondering if anyone elses child is going through this? My daughter is...