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Diaper Rash Medication

Hi, we are having a very difficult time keeping diaper rash under control on my 7 month old daughter. We currently use Desityn, but have tried Boudreau's Butt Paste and neither are helping it go away. I change her diaper every few hours unless otherwise needed. I give her bath's a lot to try and help things. I let her lay on the flooor today with out a diaper for a while, but her bottom is still sooo chapped. She cries when we put medicine on her. I am greatful for any advice on this crazy topic!


Trouble with Thrush

Has anyone struggled with thrush not clearing up? I am breastfeeding and...


Baby Yeast Infection

My 7 month old son has a yeast infection. I called the doctor and she said...


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Is It an Allergy Rash, Hypersensitivity or What???

Hello ladies: I have a 61/2 mos old boy and I'm very concern. He has developed a terrible rash, on his little butt that at this point I'm not sure what it could be. It looks like he sat on a hot plate and got a serious burn. It mildly started about 2 mos ago and I took him to the pediatrician and she said to use hydrocortisone and if it continued she thought I would eventually either have to get a hypoallergenic diaper or use cloth diapers. I originally had some diaper changes and finally decided to go back to what he has been using since...


Dry Skin or Allergy?

Hi Ladies, My 2 month old son has developed some dry skin all over his face...


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Causes of Diarrhea

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away. However, we are going on 4 days of diarrhea. My poor kid. It started Saturday and shows no signs of letting up. I called his Ped. but since he does not have a fever, is not vomiting, and still has an appatite they said there is really nothing they can do it just has to run it coarse. I don't know what's causing it. Maybe he picked up a bacteria, maybe he's got some back teeth coming in, I dont' know. I've got him on a very bland diet and keeping him hydrated...

Over the Counter (OTC)

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5 Month Old Has Ringworm on Arm

Hi Moms, Anyone with experience treating ringworm on a baby? Any advise would be appreciated! Pediatrician recommended Lotrimin AF, but I've read about possible side effects for its active ingredient clotrimazole. I have a creme anti fungal with the active ingredient tolnaftate, which I've read has less side effects. Not sure what to use, not sure what to do.


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Do I Need a RX for Ringworm?

i first thought it was just dry skin, but everyone who sees it thinks its ring worm. I would love to avoid a dr visit because she is just terrified of him, but i will go in need be; do you know if i need an RX??


Trouble with Thrush

Has anyone struggled with thrush not clearing up? I am breastfeeding and...