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Breastfeeding - Anyone Had to Take Prescription Medicine?

Hi area moms- I was just diagnosed with strep throat and my Dr gave me a prescription (zithromax) and I can't breastfeed for 10 days... I have to pump/dump and use up my supply in the freezer. My daughter is almost 7 months old and is exclusively breastfed (except for cereal). Has anyone else had to take prescription medicine while breastfeeding? I don't know what to do b/c I'm worried if I don't feed her for 10 days that my supply will go down and she won't want to feed anymore... but I also need to get better. Any advice is much...


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Needing Pros & Cons on "Adderall"

We have been having long term "focus" issues with my now 11 year old son and have exhausted all other avenues to try and help him. Last year he was tested for ADHD and it came back negative, however, this school year the daydreaming and lack of focus during school has increased. We have adjusted his diet from less processed sugars and have focused on higher protein and although it has generally improved his health it really hasn't done much for the attention issues. Up until now, we have been opposed to medications for all the reasons...



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Allergic to Baby?

I've had stress hives off and on (rarely) since 10 years old. I became higlhly allergic to dust mites, pollens, molds and animals with fur after the age of 18. I take alternating doses of zyrtec and claritin. Even with my 13 cats, this allergy med regime works 98% of the time. Since the baby has come home (1.5 months, baby is 2 months), I've had hives spring up at east 2 times a week, if not more. It's mainly hives over and under my breasts, underarms, and lips would swell. The last few times, it was more widespread... crease at...


Infant with Allergy?

My 6 month old seems to have some kind of allergy from the weather. We went...


Allergic to Enfamil?

My 3 month old has had feeding issues since he was a month old. He gets a...


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found...


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Diarrhea in Breastfed Infant

When my son was 2 weeks old, he began having diarrhea. It went on for a week before my pediatrician finally sent us to a GI specialist who felt it was a protein allergy causing the problem. We switched him to Neocate formula for 2 weeks and I eliminated all dairy, soy and eggs from my diet (I'm also a vegetarian and drink only water and rice milk - no juice). We began breastfeeding again this past Friday and he's got diarrhea again (he'll be 6 weeks on Sunday). I'm now removing wheat, corn and nuts in addition for sure but I may try a...


Son with Diarrhea

My son is 7 months old and is having his first bout with diarrhea. He's...


Causes of Diarrhea

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away....


4 Weeks of Diarrhea

My 13.5 month old has had chronic diarrhea for the last 3.5 weeks and it's...

Cough & Cold

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Son Wakes with Stuffy Nose

My son who is 14 months old usually wakes earlier in the morning than usual (6 am) with a stuffy nose. Once he is up he wakes up completely after his nose has been cleaned out. Rarely he will not have a stuffy nose in the early morning and sleep until 7. His schedule gets all off waking up an hour earlier (he'll take 2 naps and then go to bed late), plus I would love to have that extra hour of sleep. I've tried everything from humidifier to vaporizer and it still never fails in the early morning hours he gets such a congested nose he wakes...


Help with Stuffy Nose

My 5 month old has had a stuffy nose for a little over a week now. Last Wed...


Always Stuffy Nose

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having this stuffy nose problem for past...


Head Ache

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Help with Migraine Headaches

I have been getting very frequent migraine headaches (about 2 a week) for the last few months. I was prescribed Imitrex for occasional treatment of migraines, which works great, however my migraines are coming more frequently than I should take Imitrex. I have avoided the usual triggers, alcohol, chocolate, etc. Anyhow, my doctor suggested taking a daily medication to PREVENT migraines. Either a drug normally used to treat blood pressure or a psych medication. Both have studies in migraine prevention. My question is has anyone been on...

Over the Counter (OTC)

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"OTC Meds or Not"

Lately there has been alot of talk about not giving children under 2 over the counter cold meds. Some doctors say its ok some not. what to do when your 15month old is up all night and can't breathe? How did we ever survive the OTC meds. as a child, and I know our moms gave it and we all did up until about 2 yrs ago when the FDA scared everyone. Iam looking for some home remedies for head congestion in a 15 month old. Iam also wondering if anyone out there still uses the OTC meds for thier children?


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Non Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

My doctor says it is safer to take prescription prenatal vitamins. I think the vitamins that she prescribe to me is not enough and want to take another kind with more vitamins it it. I heard good reviews about another brand but it is non prescription. I want to know if any one has taken non prescription prenatal vitamins and turn out ok with the baby healthy.

Sinusitis or Congestion

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Colds and Medicine

My 18 month old has a really bad cough, we have been to the doctors. She is up most of the night coughing. What are parents doing? I broke down and bought some cough medicine, but I am not sure it is really helping. Any ideas. She has been up a lot for the last week. Need some sleep:) Thanks


Congestion in a Baby

I am a grandmother! My stepson has a 1 month old baby girl. Things are very...