Medicines: Gerber

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Terrible Diaper Rash... Please Help!

R.V. asks from Chicago

My son has horrrrrrible diaper rash. It varies from a neon pink to bright red. I know there have been several posts on this already, but I've already tried most of wh...


Constipation with My 18 Month Old

J.C. asks from Little Rock

My 18 month old has had problems with constipation her entire life of 18 months :) We have tried everything and nothing is working. We have done apple juice, pear jui...


How to handle a gassy and fussy newborn while nursing

T.P. asks from Salinas

I have a 7 week old baby girl. She has been extremely gassy and fussy since she was born. She was 3 weeks early and since she wasn't breastfeeding strong, I had a har...


What Formula Is the Best????

A.S. asks from Minneapolis

I would first like to start by saying that I am unable to breast feed, so formula is my only option. I have a one month old who started on Nestle Good Start formula. ...