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Children with Croup

I have a 2 year old that keeps getting Croup. We are all the time giving him breathing treatments and Orapred. Does anyone out there have any more recommendations other than having to give him breathing treatments or the prescription drug Orapred. He does have his tonsils and adenoids out.


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Allergic to Dairy

My one year old is allergic to dairy. This was easy when he was on formula and baby food because I didn't really worry about. Now I am feeding him Rice Milk but I am having a hard time with snacks and table food. Most of what I make for my family has milk or cheese or some other dairy product in it. He will not eat any fruit. So that is out as far as snacks go. Also, the doctor said to go with the rice milk but why not soy? Does soy milk contain dairy or what is the issue with that? I know I should have spoke with the doctor...


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found...