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Audi Q 5 vs Lexus RX 350

O.V. asks from New York

Ladies, I have two small kids and it's been almost a year since I started to work full time. I have a good salary and decided it's time to buy an SUV. My practical...


Migraine Treatments...besides Meds (Already Doing that).....EDIT Too...

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

What other things have worked for those of you with mega-migraines? I take management meds nightly and they have worked for about 4 years...I went from having about...


Seeking How to Sign up for Medicaid for Medical Care

R.H. asks from Dallas

I am new to the Dallas area and do not know where to sign up for medicaid and how to find a doctor that accepts medicaid


Medication for Parkinson's Disease and Personality Changes?

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

My mother has early-onset Parkinson's disease. She was diagnosed at 49 but we all suspect she had the disease long before that, but her doctors failed to correctly di...


Can't Afford Thyroid Meds and Gained 40 Lbs in 2 Months

K.R. asks from Dallas

Hi, I gained 40 lbs in 2 months due to my underactive thyroid. I eat like I'm suppose to and stay fairly busy but the weight is bothering me. Any suggestions since ...


Weaning off Anti-anxiety Meds

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

Anyone have experience with weaning off of benzos? I took 0.5mg of ativan for almost 3 weeks, then the last 2 days I have only taken 0.25 mg. I am prescribed them o...


Pain Medications and Pregnancy

R.S. asks from Sacramento

Ok. I need some input, from mother's who were unable to withdrawl from pain medications during pregnancy and can provide me some input. (I realize that no medications...


Meditation Cd's or Dvd's

D.J. asks from Los Angeles

I am looking for a good meditation dvd or cd for my dad. He has extremely high blood pressure that they haven't been able to bring down with medication and they are ...


Medicade Question

H.H. asks from New York

Hello I' have a question regarding medicade in my state n ga ... I was wondering if medicade will pay for my second Anatomy ultrasound I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant...


Medicaid Doctors

A.N. asks from Dallas

I am about 2 1/2 months pregnant and have not been to the doctor yet. I have signed up for medicaid and it is taking entirely too long. I am getting worried now and n...