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Still Freaking Out About Taking Prescription Meds...

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

OK, so last week I posted about how I was freaking out about taking Levaquin because I had heard that there can be some serious side effects and a few RNs responded a...


Obgyn Who Accepts Medicaid

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows of an OBGyn in the Northwest suburbs who accepts the Moms&Babies insurance from Medicaid. I'm currently pregnant ag...


Pediatrician Who Accepts Medicaid

R. asks from Dallas

Greetings Ladies, I have a friend who just got divorced and lost her insurance and her kids are on Medicaid. The pediatrician she had dropped her because he doesn'...


How Many of U Mothers Use This Med?

J.C. asks from Dallas's i was just wondering if any of yall use the pill by saint ward mood supplemt i always feel like im on the edge and i snap really easy:( doctor gave me zol...


Online Medical Transcriptions

J.T. asks from Topeka

Does any one know of any online Medical transcription sites? I have a diploma in that field and i need to find a job.


Pregnant W/ Pollen/dust Allergies - Meds??

E.K. asks from Seattle

Ok mamasource moms, I am going nuts. I am only 5 weeks pregnant, and the last 7-8 weeks my allergies have been horrible - sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, nose conges...


Husband Has High Cholesterol. Should He Take Meds?

E.M. asks from Chicago

My husband just got some bloodwork done and his cholesterol was around 250 -- should be no higher than 200. (The "bad" LDL was 177 -- should be no higher than 100.) H...


Medela Bottles Your Experience.

M.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi Ladies! I am buying a Medela breast pump and want to buy the bottles to match. The Medela bottles are pretty much the most expensive ones I will ever buy, but th...


Safe PMS Meds While Nursing

R.C. asks from Minneapolis

I think the subject line says it all: are there any PMS meds that are safe to take while nursing? Are some better than others? What isn't safe to take? Thanks lad...


Where to Buy Medals for Kids?

D.D. asks from Dallas

I need to get about 20 medals (the kid that the kids can wear around their neck) for a kids event. They don't need to be anything will be just a token of...