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Allergy Medication While Pregnant

B.C. asks from Dallas

Hi to all.....I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and suffering severley with allergies these last couple of days. I put a call in to the Dr. wondering which allergy meds I ...


Allergy Meds While Pregnant

S.M. asks from Columbus

I was hoping someone might know of an allergy medicine that is safe to use during pregnancy. I get chronic sinus infections from my allergies. Last time I was pregn...


Do You Take a Lot of Prescriptions?

A.N. asks from Bloomington

I am just curious about this. My sister was over at my house the other day and opened my medicine cabinent and she yelled "Good Heavens! What is all of this?" She was...


Advice for Chronic Headaches/sinus Pain/neck Pain

S.G. asks from Saginaw

I am 36 and have been having alot of neck/tension pain for the past year. I have gone to a chiropractor for years and recently switched to another one because they w...



L.C. asks from Birmingham

I have had a sinus headache for three days now. I cant take over-the-counter meds they will make my blood pressure rise. Are there any home remedies that you all coul...


Questions from Those Who Suffer from Allergies

G.W. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I have never really considered myself an allergy sufferer but for the past week or so I have had some extreme symptoms that make me wonder what the heck i...


Is "Dizzy" a Symptom of Something

M.B. asks from Springfield

My husband thinks I should call the doctor but I thought I'd ask your opinion. The last couple of days I feel "a little disconnected", like after taking a cold medic...


Anyone Else Suffering with Spring Allergies? What Helps You?

W.S. asks from Chicago

Anybody else experiencing allergies right now? I have always had 'hay fever' in the spring when the leaves come out on the trees (I'm allergic to tree pollen). But,...


Mommy's Sinus Trouble

T.N. asks from Boston

I am a long time 'victim' of sinus infections. I had my septum straightened and my tonsils out in 2002 and found some improvement in the number of sinus infections. ...


Please Tell Me What I Can Do???

J.C. asks from Dallas's i just moved out here to kemp:) i love it out here but my asthma dont its really dusty where i live and no matter how much i dust my house it stay's dusty......