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Checking Out BABY NAMES

S.P. asks from Tulsa

My husband and I are trying to figure out what we would like to name our little girl when she is born. We have thought of "Ashley Diane" with the initials ADP and "E...


Opinions on Names for Baby Boy

J.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hi. I am looking for general opinions or impressions about three different first names we're considering for our son (due on December 19th). I think boys' names are...


Any Names for a Baby Girl Name Starting with the Letter A

M.O. asks from Cleveland

hello any baby gilrs names starting with letter A give also the meansinh


Baby Names What Do You Think?

P.P. asks from Minneapolis

I'd like to know which boy name you like best and then which girl name you like the best. Partner likes whole names and not nicknames. Thomas Daniel or Daniel Tho...


Baby Girl Names

M.B. asks from St. Louis

Megan, Taylor, or Lauren? Those are what "We" can agree on. I liked Camryn, but it means crooked nose, so thats out. If I had my choice her name would be Kate ...



K.H. asks from Dallas

I need help! My husband and I are totally undecided about our baby boy's name....we like Jude, Lukas and Niko. We just cannot make a decision. My other kiddos are n...


Baby Boy Names

B.B. asks from San Diego

We have a lovely 17 month old daughter, Siena and are looking for great names for our son on the way this November. I would love to use my father's first name, Wells,...


Seeking Irish Baby Names or Other Boys Names You Like

K.N. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, we are expecting boy number 3 in june. i already have 2 boys Andrew and Christian. we are having a hard time agreeing with names. I was just curiuos as to w...


Seeking Advice on Baby Names!

A.E. asks from Greensboro

I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my 5th child. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy, a 1 year old girl, and 3 month old twin boys! I'm once again pregnant (for the last time) and I ...


Baby Boy Names

A.F. asks from Stationed Overseas

Ok so I am pregnant with a little boy whom is our second. I named our first son so my husband would like to name our second one but he is slacking and doesn't even bo...