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Baby Noy Names Starting with Letter "A"

L.F. asks from Tyler

Please help me!! I am 26wks preg and having a hard time with a boy name. Our daughter's name begins with the letter A and I would like ideas for cute boy names starti...


Looking for Baby Names Starting with J

J.P. asks from Dallas

My name is J., my husband is Jay (goes by his middle, Travis), my 13 year old is Justin, and we have 2 labs, Jessie, and Jake. Girl names? Boy names? Looking for m...


Just for Fun: ???S About Kids' Names

S.G. asks from Norfolk

Did you have any specific criteria when you picked your names for your kids? I mean, obviously, we "tried out" names to hear how they sounded to us. But in addition...


Help with Names

C.M. asks from Sioux City

I need help finding a name for our going to be newest boy of the family. I have four months until he is going to arrive, but i have been dwelling over it for a while ...


My Husband Loves the Names "Colt" and "Colorado"!

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am pregnant and my husband is so excited about naming the kid either Colt or Colorado. We don't even know if it is a boy or girl yet, but he just LOVES those two n...


Grandparent Names

O.B. asks from Dallas

My father in law wants to be called Papaw. All my husbands grandparents had a little name too. ( MeMa, MiMi and Pop) I never hear him say "my MeMa" when telling a sto...


Liv Revise of My Greek and Mythilogical Names ? EDITED

C.Z. asks from Omaha

Sorry about the wide variety and I am so glad you laughed in my face... I would have. Here is what I am looking for: means to hunt or be a warrior any language ...


GIRL Names!!!! Help, I'm Drawing a Blank

A.M. asks from Dallas

Wow! I just saw a post where someone asked advice for baby boy names and ya'll gave the BEST suggestions!!! Can you do the same for me but for a girl? She's due in Ja...