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Favorite Baby Names

H.D. asks from Dallas

Hey, mamas. My husband and I have recently started to consider having another baby. Just out of curiousity what are your favorite baby names? We are leaning towards H...


Fighting over Names

H.B. asks from Modesto

My best friend and I have started fighting over naming my son. I am 27 weeks pregnant with my 4th biological son. I named each of my earlier sons when they were born ...


Baby Girl Names?

M.A. asks from Denver

Hey everyone! We are having a real tough time thinking of names for our baby due in May. The only one we have been able to come up with and agree on is Erin. Anyone o...


Need Some Help with Baby Names

A.H. asks from Cincinnati

I am in need of suggestion for baby names. I am only 15 weeks pregnant so I have a little time but I was just looking for some suggestions. I would like boy and girl ...


Baby Boy Names

T.W. asks from Springfield

We are expecting #2 in May and are having a hard time coming up with a name for our future baby boy. I'd love to hear your favorite baby boy names. We are consideri...


Boy Names

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone, SO I just found out last week that baby number 2 is a boy. I have a 2yr daughter. I have absolutely NO boy names picked out and honestly am finding it h...


Baby Girl Names

D.V. asks from San Francisco

Well I have three boys and finally having my baby girl. We have a Nathaniel, Anthony, and Ryan. We have a few names in mind- just wanted peoples opinions on the n...


Baby Names...

J.F. asks from Orlando

I was wondering, how did you come up with the name you chose or are choosing for your children? Was it a family name? Did you chose it for the meaning? Or just a name...


Stumped for Baby Names

A.G. asks from Houston

i am 4 months pregnant, i don't know the sex yet (shy baby during the ultrasound) we have agreed on the girl name (Lillian) but we don't know about boy names yet, cut...


Baby Names- Help I'm Stuck

H.H. asks from Los Angeles

we have a new baby coming in a few days. We don't know the sex. We have not come up with names!!!!! I'm panicked and totally unable to focus. I'm artsy and like ...