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Consequences for Grades and Homework

N.H. asks from Stockton

Some ideas on consequences for bad grades/motivation to do better. My son is struggling in school. Do I punish for bad grades i.e grounding or money for each good gra...



A.V. asks from Jackson

What is a good age to start teaching multiplication/tables?


Rewards for Grades

H.M. asks from Dallas

Would just like some ideas what to do for grades on report cards. My son is in 2nd grade and made all A's! What are some rewards or things you do for grades? Thank...


10 Year Old Who Struggles with Writing

S.C. asks from Allentown

My son is a gifted 4th grader, participating in our school's gifted program, accelerated reading, and is a year ahead in math. He gets good grades & takes pride in h...


Math Websites for Kids

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

Know any good math websites for kids preferablye one I can print free worksheets from?


Grades in Preschool

L.A. asks from Chicago

Hello. I recently posted about possibly holding my son back in school and year and not sending him to kindergarten...anyway I'm kind of shocked because it appears he...


5Th Grade Math Test

A.J. asks from Jackson

I have a daughter in the 5th grade and she is passing math with a B but only because of her morning work. Her test are not so great. She can do the math at home but...


Math Websites or Computer Games

S.K. asks from Dallas

My son is in 1st grade and I need some recommendations for some fun Math websites/comp. programs. I have some good reading websites and computer programs and would l...


Rocket Math - What Are Your Thoughts?

M.. asks from Appleton

Does your child have rocket math? Our school district takes part in Rocket Math. If you don't know what it is - it is a timed math sheet that the kids have complete. ...