Math: Da Vinci

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Seeking Ideas for My 8Yr Old Daughter

L.A. asks from Chicago

My 8yr old daughter is enjoying science in school. This is a good thing as she struggles in math, so this may actually help her in the long run. My question is tha...


New to Florida

R.H. asks from Tampa

I am a single mom starting a new career right out of college. The job is in Clearwater, FL and I want to know the best, safest, affordable (under $800/mo), place to l...


Why 5Yr Old Can Remember Everything but What the Letters Are

C.H. asks from Baton Rouge

in school they give a phrase and a picture with each letter of ABC, she can remember the phrase, but cant remember the letter, how is that possible she can recall a w...



M.F. asks from Kansas City

my son is referred to as 'special needs' in school, as he has a learning disability to go along with some ADD. now other than that he is perfectly "normal" (as normal...


Homework Help!!

N.D. asks from Reno

I have a ten year old daughter who is bipolar and ADD, she is very smart! I have been told this by ALL her teachers =} Her test are way above average, and she has rec...


Homework with a Bad Attitude

C.Q. asks from Los Angeles

My 8 yr old son was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. He is a very bright, intellegent kid. It's just really hard to keep him focused. The meds have made a big dif...


11 Year Old Son Trouble Following Instructions

I.R. asks from Dallas

I have a 11 year old son who has trouble following instructions in school & home. He isn't hyper at all so I know that ADHD is out of the question but he does have tr...


Home Schooling?

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

I am interested in any information on home schooling. Pros/Cons? How do you feel children can benefit from this or do they "miss out" in any way? Thanks! Amy


Seeking Advice ADHD

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello moms, I am here for your advice! My nephew is 5 years old and recently diagnosed with ADHD with mood disorders, my sister and her ex have taken him to 2 doctors...