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Looking for a Good Kinder Curriculium

M.M. asks from Dallas

Ok we use Saxon math and we use a variety of things for phonics. Right now we are just reading Bob books. I need a kinder curic. Any ideas.. Something with maybe some...


How to Reward Straight a Kids, W/out Hurting Other Siblings' Egos

A.T. asks from Phoenix

Two out of five of my kiddos got 4.0 grade averages. I'd like to reward them for this, but how do I go about it with out hurting my other kids. I don't want them t...


Homeschooling Algebra

M.M. asks from Jacksonville

I am going to start Algebra next year with my middle schooler. She is using the Prentiice Hall preAlg book right now. I bought this one at a garage sale and it has ...


To Home School or Not to Home School

D.E. asks from Shreveport

I feel like my 6 year old is having a hard time in school in all areas (reading,writing,spelling,math). He's getting a's and b's in school but the grades and the actu...


Academic Enrichment Programs

M.R. asks from New York

Hi my son is 8 and in the 2nd grade but is very advanced for his age. He is at a 5th grade reading and math level. He loves to read and math is one of his favorite ...


Helping My 6 Year Old Learn How to Read Better

G.T. asks from Washington DC

Hello Ladies, I just need any suggestions on helping my daughter learn how to read better. She is a very intelligent little girl and very eagar to learn! Also, ...


Reading Program for Entering Kindergartener?

C.T. asks from Miami

My son knows his letters, sounds out words with me and is reading simple books like Bob books. He doesn't want to read often with me and I believe that with a readin...


Good TV Shows for 5-7 Year Old Boys?

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking for some recommendations for good, wholesome (but not too juvenile) shows for boys in the 5-7-ish age range. My son is 5 1/2, and he has clearly outg...


My 1St Grader Is a Struggling Reader: Need Suggestions

A.R. asks from Houston

I have a 1st grader who is struggling with reading. He is falling behind in this subject only. Every night he has assigned books to read to me. He hates it and its ...


Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum?

C.H. asks from Denver

I am beginning to look into homeschool materials for kindergarten and a friend had suggested Sonlight but I am a little leery about a prepackaged curriculum. Anyone ...