Maternity Leave

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Will My Maternity Leave Be Covered by My Short-term Disability Coverage?

S.R. asks from Peoria

I began working in July at a company that offers short-term disability coverage. When choosing my benefits that month, I included this in my package. I found out in A...


How Can I Extend My Maternity Leave So That I Can Still Get Paid?

K.K. asks from Los Angeles

I dont have disability insurance but people have told me that I can have my physician extend my leave under illness. What are some conditions that warrant an extende...


Maternity Insurance...Is It Worth It and Why?

D. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are planning to have children but have some concerns about insurance. We have individual insurance because we own our own business. Is maternity insu...


Cheap Maternity Clothes

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

Where can I find cheap maternity clothes? I'd hate to spend a fortune for just 9 months of my life but I do work and have to look at least somewhat respectable (not ...


My Employer REFUSES to Pay Me for My First Weekend Back from Maternity Leave

J.M. asks from Dallas

Hey Ladies, Need to know if any of you know my rights. I took my FMLA of 12wks off with my baby, 11wks of that without pay because I had no PTO. I e-mailed my sup...


Maternity Packages in AZ

K.P. asks from Phoenix

Hello, Just found out a little while ago I am expecting my first baby. I was wondering if anyone knew of any great maternity packages in Arizona? I just left my jo...


Optional Maternity Coverage

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

My husband had lost his job last December (I work PT and not eligible for health insurance through my company) and we have continued paying COBRA premiums for his gro...


Home Daycares and Maternity Leaves

M.S. asks from Chicago

I provide daycare for three families in my home. I love all of the moms I work with and the kids are all great as well. One of my full time parents will be taking ...


Donating Maternity Clothes?

N.B. asks from Chicago

I have two tubs of maternity clothes that I would like to donate. The clothes are both professional/office wear and casual. I know I can always take them to Salvati...


Maternity Clothes to Donate

J.R. asks from Houston

I have recently given birth to my 3rd precious baby girl and would like to clear my closets of all the maternity clothes I've accumulated. Does anyone know of a char...