Maternity Leave

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My Job Is Know Longer Available for Me After Maternity Leave What Do I Do????

A.B. asks from Redding

Around 4 months pregnant my dr. orders me to take my leave early do to my horrible sciatica and another nerve over lapping it that the baby was laying on. I confirmed...


No Company Maternity Leave and I Am on Medicare. Any Advice on Social Security?

S.S. asks from Atlanta

Due to a layoff and a gap between medical coverage (and getting pregnant during that gap!) I am currently on Medicaid. Yikes, I know. My husband and I are barley maki...


Older Child at Home While on Maternity Leave with New Baby?

V. asks from Minneapolis

I'm wondering what others have done/are doing out there...My 2-year-old is currently in daycare 3 days/week. Our daughter is due at the end of November. When you we...


Materinty Leave

J.B. asks from Chicago

i had a kid and on maternity leave i was suppose to return on oct 5 but my doctor wouldnt release me until 2 weeks lata due to my complications so the fired me and th...


Maternity Coverage

B.R. asks from Fort Myers

Hi everyone, My husband and I are interested in trying for baby #2 within the next year. I had maternity coverage with my first son, but our insurance has since c...


Maternity Insurance?

A.M. asks from Houston

Hi- I am wondering if any of you ladies know of an individual healthcare policy that covers maternity insurance. I have NOT been able to find one. I worked throughout...


Maternity Coverage

K.P. asks from Decatur

I am switching jobs and my new employer is willing to pay my insurance, but I am to find a plan for the 4 employees. I am looking for a "group" plan for four that al...


Not Returning to Work After Maternity Leave: Best Way to Handle It?

A.M. asks from Chicago

I do not plan to return to work at the end of my maternity leave (six weeks). I would like some pointers on the best way to handle telling them i won't be coming back...


Maternity Card?

N.K. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know anything about the Maternity Card? Anyone used it? I am about to be uninsured and my husband's work ins. is way too expensive per month($1000 + for...


Maternity Insurance

L.H. asks from Salt Lake City

Unfortuneately I had a miscarriage last week, my second pregnancy, and of course it was heartbreaking, but we are looking forward to trying again in a few months. Tha...