Maternity Leave

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Considering Becoming a Stay-at-home

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

I am almost 12 weeks pregnant with my first child. My fiancee and I are very excited and cannot wait for the baby's arrival. I am considering not returning to work fu...


What to Do??

C.K. asks from York

Hello, I am looking for some ideas for fun at home activites to do with a 19 mth old. I can't spend much money but I will be off for 12 weeks on maternity leave and ...


Can I Accept a New Position in Good Faith?

H.R. asks from Minneapolis

I've been in the process of interviewing for a new job, and feel fairly certain it will be offered to me within the next few days, if at all. Today I randomly took a ...


Switching to Part Time Work Schedule

K. asks from Chicago

I am getting ready to have my second child in May and want to ask my employer to switch to a part time employment status. I am wondering if anyone else has gone thro...


Bella Band

A.M. asks from Austin

I am interested in buying a bella band but was wondering if anyone has any experience with one. I want to know good and bad before I purchase one. I would love to not...


Pregnant &Single

E.F. asks from Nashville

I am pregnant w/ my forth child and im a single mom. I do have a full time job now, but would be on unpain maternity leave in Nov? Can I apply for food stamps or chi...


Regarding Employment and FMLA

S.C. asks from Chicago

I had a question regarding FMLA. I started working at a company in July. I found out in September I was pregnant. Unfortunately I do not qualify for FMLA because I do...


Change Jobs Before Trying to Have a Child?

F.K. asks from San Francisco

I have been at my current job for one year now and do not like it one bit. However, I am comfortable and my husband and I are looking to conceive by the end of the ye...


Seeking Opinions of HMO Kaiser Insurance

A.S. asks from Atlanta

hi moms, Has anyone ever been insured through Kaiser? I might have to use them since there is no waiting period for maternity coverage.. I know you have to go with w...


When Should I Quite My Job?

M.B. asks from Stationed Overseas

I just recently started working again, we kinda needed the money (would have been able to get by without me working though) Now I am 20 weeks pregnant, and I am not ...