Maternity Leave: Toddler

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Maternity Leave

E.A. asks from Chicago

Hi does any one know when is the correct time to take maternity leave? Please let me know.....Thanks...


Maternity Leave

C.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for your responses. I was wondering what the norm is these days on maternity leave. I have heard that women are allowed to take up...


Maternity Leave

W.B. asks from Houston

I recently file a charge for discrimination of pregnancy on my boss,because my hours were reduced unexpectedly , they gave me not one good explanation on why they wer...


Maternity Leave

A.W. asks from Minneapolis

I just gave birth to my second son. I have a two year old boy who is helpful and loves his new brother very much. He has shown no signs of jealousy. I am on a 6 week ...


Maternity Leave??

L.B. asks from Billings

I have only been at my job for a lil over 3 months and I'm 36 weeks pregnant now. I work with young girls who don't like to work a lot so I'm stuck working there shif...


Maternity Leave

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

I work for a small company that does not have a formal maternity leave policy. My employers are really great and want to work with me to fashion a custom leave plan ...


Maternity Leave???

B.E. asks from Cincinnati

Hello All, I am 34 weeks along in my 1st pregnancy with my husband, my baby is due Oct 30 at 7am by c-section. I am currently working as a nanny for a 1yr old boy, I ...


Maternity Leave

C.S. asks from Albuquerque

I just started a job and am expecting. I work for a small employer. They know I am pregnant and ok with it. How many unpaid weeks for maternity is reasonable to ask m...


Maternity Leave

V.H. asks from San Francisco

With my first son I worked up until I went into labor but this time around I have a job that is more demanding. I have found my self to be really tiered and irritable...


Maternity Leave Financial Help

J.P. asks from Pocatello

Whatprograms or grants or what cn i do to have money coing in while im on my maternity leave since i wont be able to pay my bills???? single mom wondering what to do