Maternity Leave: First Response

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Advice Needed for Daycare Facilities, Baby Shopping , Birthing Classes Etc

Hi moms, I have a few questions regarding planning certain things for my baby.I am now in my 5th month. I don't have many friends here who have babies , so it would be great to get advice from all of you. 1. I would like to know when should I start looking for day care facilities? Also , any input on what to look for in a good day care and how to know if it would be safe to leave an infant(3 months) in their care will be much appreciated. Is it necessary to book well in advance? I don't know anybody personally who send their kids to...

Breastfeeding & Work

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Breastfeeding/pumping to Go Back to Work

I have a three-week old daughter, and I will be returning to a full-time job in a few weeks. I am trying to prepare by beginning to pump breast milk. I am having trouble generating much milk when I pump. I have pumped three times, and pumped 2 oz, 1 oz, and 3 oz. I am curious if anyone has tips to make pumping easier. I have the Medela Pump In Style pump - it's an electric double pump. Also, how much should my daughter be taking when she is given breastmilk from the bottle? She weighs about 7 pounds. Right now, she eats fairly...


Breastfeed or Not?

I have lots of questions about breast feeding...I am 17 weeks pregnant and...