Maternity Leave: Avent

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How to Make a Two Month Old Drink from a Bottle

Hi, My maternity leave ends in two weeks and up till now my daughter has mainly been breastfed. Right after she was born she had taken a bottle a couple of times. But now she refuses the bottle and either cries or does not seem to know what to do with it. (We are using the Avent newborn bottles). Does anyone have any suggestions how I can make her drink the breast milk from a bottle. I work part time so it's only on alternate days. Also, is there some nipple which is supposed to be close enough to the mother's that the baby might not...


Breast to Bottle!!!

I recently had a baby and she is now 7 weeks old, she is nursing and on...

Breastfeeding & Work

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Breastfeeding, Can't Pump, Going Back to Work

My son will be just over 9 months when I go back to work next month. I exclusively breast fed until he was 6 months and then began introducing solids. He is great with the solids, but has trouble taking a bottle. Part of the problem is that I've never been able to pump sufficiently: in an hour, I get maybe one ounce out of both breasts. I don't know exactly what the problem is, whether the pump (it's a hand-me-down), or my milk production, or what. I think he will take a bottle if it has breast milk in it--it's when we've tried formula...