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15 Month Old with Very Dry Skin

Hi Ladies, just wondering if any of you have experience with caring for a baby's very dry skin. I bathe him with dove senstive bar soap and I usually use aquaphor healing ointment a coulpe times a day to hydrate his skin, but it seems not to work so good anymore, not to mention I really love it when he smells good. But baby magic and johnsons lotions only makes his skin even dryer and more bumpy. I really dont know what type of products to use to impove the moisture in his skin. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Breastfeeding & Work

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Seeking Help with Eczema

I have two children ages 1 and 2 that I believe have eczema. My daughter had it when she was a new born, but has gone away for almost two years until just a couple of weeks ago. She is spending a lot of time scratching her self all over and her skin feels very rough. Similar to how it felt when she had eczema as a baby. My son is not scratching, but has the same rough skin. I would like to do what I can at home to help with this before I take them to the doctor. I would like to avoid having them on a prescription lotion if possible. ...