Maternity Leave: Aquaphor

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15 Month Old with Very Dry Skin

Hi Ladies, just wondering if any of you have experience with caring for a baby's very dry skin. I bathe him with dove senstive bar soap and I usually use aquaphor healing ointment a coulpe times a day to hydrate his skin, but it seems not to work so good anymore, not to mention I really love it when he smells good. But baby magic and johnsons lotions only makes his skin even dryer and more bumpy. I really dont know what type of products to use to impove the moisture in his skin. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Breastfeeding & Work

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Any Advice for Breastfeeding Mom with Acne?

Ever since getting pregnant with my second son, now 13 months, I have had terrible acne breakouts on my face and neck. I have tried Proactiv, Murad and just about every other over the counter treatment I could get my hands on because my doctor won't prescribe anything as long as I am breastfeeding. Nothing has helped, and I'm tired of feeling ugly all the time. I won't leave my house without make-up, but even that only partially masks the problem. I had planned to wean at a year and then go see my doctor for help, but neither baby nor I are...