Maternity Clothing

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Donate Maternity Clothes

A.T. asks from New York

Does any one know of a reputable agency/organization/etc. that would accept a donation of maternity clothes?


Consignment Store for Maternity Clothes

C.P. asks from Dallas

I have loads of maternity clothes (mostly from Motherhood) that I'd like to consign or sell - does anyone know of a place in the Frisco/Plano area that takes maternit...


In Need of XL Maternity Clothes

P.L. asks from Dallas

To my surprise I am expecting a second child. I dont have the money to go crazy and buy new maternity clothes all over again so I am looking for some suggestions on w...


Shopping for Maternity Clothes

J.S. asks from Dallas

Hello! Does anyone know a good source where I can shop for Maternity clothes at a good price?


Consignment Stores for Maternity Clothes.

M.K. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of any consignment stores that will take maternity clothes? After 2 pregnancies, I have a ton of maternity clothes that I don't plan on using again ...


Maternity Clothes

A.S. asks from Kansas City

Hi Ladies. I'm looking for a mom to donate my materinty clothes to. I have a surplus of clothes size L, or 12 - 14. I'm hoping to find a mom that could use this l...


CUTE Maternity Clothes Needed!!

J.M. asks from Kansas City

It has been years since I was pregnant and I have no idea where to get cute maternity clothes! The maternity clothes at Oak Park Mall have closed, and I only "kind of...


Where to Buy Cute Maternity Clothes

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! When I had my first baby 18 months ago I got lots of hand me downs for maternity clothes. I very much appreciated it, but this time I am due in November (Septe...


Need Maternity Clothes

S.W. asks from Cincinnati

This is my fourth baby. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and already needing some maternity clothes. I looked in the storage closet, but realized that I've loaned out most of m...


Maternity Clothes... Office Appropriate

M.S. asks from Denver

so my forst baby was born in December... so i mostly have warmer weather maternity wear... can anyone recommend a good store for maternity clothes in littleton or denver?