Maternity Clothing

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Baby Items, Toddler Bed, Maternity Clothes

M. asks from Dallas

I have a TON of baby items and a Race Car Toddler bed (excellent condition) for sale. Baby bassinet, TONS of baby clothes (girl, boy, unisex...some brand new), baby ...


Maternity Coverage

J.L. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are trying to reduce expenses and we are revisiting our health insurance policy. We pay way too much!!! It is a private policy and currently we hav...


Spin off Molly's Question... Do You Still Wear Maternity Clothes....

R.D. asks from Richmond

....but you're not pregnant? I still wear some of mine! I mean, what's the point in buying things you're only going to wear when pregnant? It's not like I'm always...


Looking for Good Quality Used Maternity Clothes in or near SF

G.G. asks from San Francisco

I am looking for a place to buy good quality used maternity clothes in or near San Francisco. I am especially interested in "business casual" items I can wear to work.


Maternity Suits

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can buy a maternity suit? I am looking for something fairly cheap because I probably wont wear it much. We are taking a vacat...


Maternity Clothing....

S.P. asks from Portland

Ok, kind of an odd request - but does anyone else have difficulty with maternity tops? I feel like I'm completely disproportionate to the average woman. My big pr...


Maternity Pants

T.L. asks from St. Louis

This is my first pregnancy and I am quickly out growing my pants. My co-worker never bought maternity pants just longer shirts. So I am in need of some advice befor...


Ladies with Three Children- When Did You Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

L.V. asks from Dallas

Hi, Mamas! I am currently pregnant with number three. Yay! I know that my body is going, "Hey, I've done this before!" because everything seems to be getting tight...


Maternity Fashion....

E.B. asks from Miami

Is anyone else with me here? Why can't these maternity fashion catalogues make their models real pregnant woman? You know the onese who have put on some extra weight,...


Maternity Leave???

B.E. asks from Cincinnati

Hello All, I am 34 weeks along in my 1st pregnancy with my husband, my baby is due Oct 30 at 7am by c-section. I am currently working as a nanny for a 1yr old boy, I ...