Maternity Clothing: Lands End

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Maternity Suits

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can buy a maternity suit? I am looking for something fairly cheap because I probably wont wear it much. We are taking a vacat...


Clothes from Target Do Not Fit -Is It Only Me?

J.T. asks from Madison

Whatever clothing item I tried from Target, it does not look good on me. Is it just me? What is the problem? We have a Target store close by, and I would love to b...


I Need Clothes!

F.M. asks from Lincoln

Does anyone know where i can buy a Petite stretch pant in a short? Does that make sense? I need a Petite Short for slacks. I can find Petite's, but I always have...


Where to Get a Good Maternity Swimsuit?

D.M. asks from Chicago

I am almost six months pregnant and my chest is already a "DD". I've looked at Kohls and JCPenny, Target and cannot find a suit that fits well. I am going on a short ...


People Who Dress in Walmart Clothes Are Low Classe

M.K. asks from Los Angeles

This is what a snobby Mom at my son's school said to me today - I actually was dressed in JC penney today, but normally I am a top to toe walmart kind of girl, I am a...


Clothes for a Thin Toddler

L.O. asks from Detroit

My duaghter is 19 months old. She is tall and thin- She weighs about 20 pounds. Most pants fall off of her.. Does anyone have a recommendation of a clothing brand tha...


Shopping Depresses Me. Is It Just Me?

N.G. asks from Dallas

Every time I go shopping, I can never find what I need any more! It's so frustrating! It's gotten to where I absolutely dread going shopping AT ALL. I don't always...


Seeking Websites for Girls' Clothing

M.B. asks from Springfield

My daughter is 5 and I have usually shopped at old navy, target and similar places for her school clothes. I occasionally have purchased from gymboree and the gap. Wo...


This May Sound Odd....

T.H. asks from Corvallis

I've always been on the small side and am currently back in the 00 range for jeans. The only place I seem to be able to find anything that fits halfway decent is in t...


Where to Buy Great Winter Gear

L.S. asks from Lincoln

Hi mamas! We just moved to Nebraska from Texas this past Spring so we are not prepared for the upcoming Winter. Where do you buy warm clothes and outerwear for your...