Marriage: Tween

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Facebook Wedding Invitation???

i received a wedding invitation on facebook recently. It was one of those event invitations where you mark yes, no, or maybe. I did not attend the wedding since I figured that if they really wanted me to attend I would have received a REAL invitation in the mail. Some of my (much younger) friends are teasing me about this. Am I being a 38-year old fuddy-duddy, or is a facebook wedding invitation inappropriate?

Babysitting the Grand Kids

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12 Year Old Boys...

My girlfriend has a 12 year old boy that is truly driving her nuts. I give as good of advice as I can, but really I raised girls, Im sure its different. Her son, has started "dating" a 13 year old girl (who mom doesnt like hehe), is pretty disrespectful to his mom, he is spoiled with cash & fancy electronics by his Dad that lives in a different city. He wants to "go out" on dates with the girlfriend, I think in groups it should be ok...? He has no experience using transit alone- I think now is a good time to learn... theres a bunch of stuff...


12 Year Old

Hello everyone.......I need some advice...I am a single mom ....of a 12 year...


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Grand Daughter with Head Aches

My 10 year old Grand Daughter has suddenly developed daily head aches. They last any where from two hours to most of the day. My Daughter and I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has advised we take her for an eye exam which we will schedule soon. She will then have an MRI to rule out any other problems. She also has issues with encopresis which is a severe constipation and mega colan. All of this has possibly lead to some problems with her self image. She is an other wise bright child that loves science and has lots of friends. My...

Step Child & Step Grandchild

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To the Step Parents

do you like being a step parent? why or why not, did you ever wish you could have your spouse with out the step kids? how did your relationship start and how is it now? what was done to change for better or worse. is being a step parent harder/easier than you expected? would you do it all over again if you could? why or why not? how do you handle difficult times with the "other parent"? if you've read my previous posts, please do not use that as what you say for your comments here...just need to know i'm not alone on certain aspects of...


Being a Step Mom

im a step-mother of 3 kids. 1 girl, shes 11 an 2 boys which are 6 and 7. the...