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Babysitting the Grand Kids

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Anyone's Child on Singulair Pkgs?

Hello..The doctor has prescribed Singulair for both of my girls because they constantly have a running nose every other week or so leading into ear infections... My oldest is 3 and the youngest is 18 months old. I am a mother that does not like to give my child medicine unless they really need it! But on the other hand anitbiotics for an ear infection works wonders but I hate it too! My main question is are there any side effects and long term effects that anyone knows of? they have been taking it for 4 days now and seem to be okay with...


Help with ADHD Child

My grandson has lived with me for 6 years. He is 10. He has been diagnosed...

Step Child & Step Grandchild

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Any of Your Children on Singulair?

My son's pediatrician just put him on this drug for his "seasonal asthma." Are any of your children on this prescription? Any side effects? Any advice would be appreciated!


Help with Sick Child

I am needing some advice with my sons health. He is 3 years old, will be 4...