Marriage: Preschooler

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4 Year Old Daughter with Boy Troubles

My 4 year old daughter has always been something of a tomboy. She's not into princesses or girly things. She loves superman and spiderman, etc. But over the past year, it has progressed to her saying she wants to be a boy...she won't wear her hair down, or wear things she considers "girly". So that's one concern. On the flip side, she seems to be completely boy-crazy, which worries me even more. I picked her up from swim camp today, and the teacher pulled me aside to explain that they've been having trouble with Emily and a boy constantly...

Babysitting the Grand Kids

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3 Year Old Behavior...

Hello there...I am looking for new tricks to have up my sleeve when dealing with my 3 year old daughter. As of late she has taken to shrieeking when put on a time out. I also have not been able to get her to say "I'm sorry for _____" once she's out of her time out. She flat out refuses and walks away or says she "can't". She also has taken to talking or raising her voice over mine to repeat herself when told "no" in getting something. This she picked up from me due to my using it when she started repeating herself so say "noooooo" over her....


4 Year Old Behavior

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics...


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Should My 5 1/2 Year Old Grand-daughter Repeat SK Because of Her Speech Help!!

My daughter called yesterday, and advised me that between my grand daughter's teacher and speech pathologist, they have decided that she should repeat SK. She is very good academically, but somehow is struggling with her speech. She has been seeing a speech pathologist for about 6 months now. I have my grand daughter for the summer, and plan to work with her on her speech, along with having her learn to read and write. My question is, should it be suggested that we put my grand daughter into grade 1 and see how she progresses for a few...


Grand Daughter Visit

My 4 year old grand daughter will be visiting me over the Thanksgiving break...

Step Child & Step Grandchild

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To the Step Parents

do you like being a step parent? why or why not, did you ever wish you could have your spouse with out the step kids? how did your relationship start and how is it now? what was done to change for better or worse. is being a step parent harder/easier than you expected? would you do it all over again if you could? why or why not? how do you handle difficult times with the "other parent"? if you've read my previous posts, please do not use that as what you say for your comments here...just need to know i'm not alone on certain aspects of...