Marriage: Infant

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Facebook Wedding Invitation???

B.P. asks from Abilene

i received a wedding invitation on facebook recently. It was one of those event invitations where you mark yes, no, or maybe. I did not attend the wedding since I fig...


Shower and Wedding Gifts.

M.L. asks from Grand Rapids

How much do you spend on shower gifts and wedding gifts? Co-worker or friend's son or daughter, niece/nephew? We have lots of weddings coming up and don't know what...


Paying for Wedding Expenses

L.L. asks from Houston

My 36 year old son is marrying for the 3rd time. He is a single father and for the past 3 years he and his 2 children have lived with my husband and me. One of his ch...


Ideas for My Wedding Dress

C.B. asks from New York

Hello ladies. I was wondering if anyone had any creative ideas of how to use/recycle my wedding dress in a way that I can still keep it for a keepsake. It was very no...


Would You Go to This Wedding as a "Guest?"

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

It's a long story, but the son of some long term family friends is getting married in September and my husband and I were not invited. I grew up with this family, ta...


Wedding 1St Dance Songs...

R.D. asks from Richmond

I need a 1st dance song for me and my guy... I'm terrible at this wedding stuff!! Seriously, the first song that comes to mind is 'Faithless' by Social Distortion... ...


Wedding Registries Ain't What They Used to Be....

S.T. asks from New York

Just got the invitaion to my nephew's wedding. I adore him and his bride - they are sweet. But I have to say I'm kind of taken aback by their registry. Traditiona...


Wedding Cake Maker REASONABLE PLEASE!!!

J. asks from Detroit

My step-daughter is getting married and we need a wedding cake. Referrals please! Reception is at Hall and Gratiot! Thank you, J. in Macomb


How to Incorporate Son into Wedding...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am getting married this Saturday. I have a 5 year old son, who is not my fiance's son. They love each other and get along well, but if you're the least bit famili...


Present for His 2Nd Wedding in Two Years

S.R. asks from Detroit

My good friend's son is getting remarried (to another girl) two years after his first wedding. These both are at-home weddings and we are only invited to the dinner ...