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Wedding Help

V.G. asks from Austin

My daughter is getting married in two weeks. It will be a small wedding in the Corpus Christi area, we live in Leander. We are new to the area, and I need help findin...


Wedding 1St Dance Songs...

R.D. asks from Richmond

I need a 1st dance song for me and my guy... I'm terrible at this wedding stuff!! Seriously, the first song that comes to mind is 'Faithless' by Social Distortion... ...


Destination Wedding - My Poor Sister and Advice

M.D. asks from Washington DC

My younger sister and her fiance have been planning to get married in St. Lucia in May 2013. She went online last night to show a friend the resort and the resort is ...


Need a Song for Groom and His Mom Dance

S.S. asks from Chicago

My son is getting married in GULP 91 days how is it possible that it is here already. Seems like they just got engaged last week. In reality it has been almost 2 ye...


Seeking Advice for Ex's New Wife Who Cut My 5 Year Old's Hair Without Permission

J.L. asks from Lubbock

My daughter went to Alabama with my ex for his wedding during Christmas break. He and his at the time fiance left on Christmas day, and my daughter and her grandparen...


Hard to Even Ask This, Anyone Regret Their Child's Name Decision?

N.M. asks from Chicago

my husband really wanted a junior. I did express my worry but did not totally object. Now it is just annoying to have to call my husband and him the same name. I h...


Correlle or Pfaltzgraf??

L.M. asks from Cleveland

just wondereded what your "china" preference is. I love correlle because it is so light and durable. But because DH was adamant that we stick with pfaltzgraf beca...


Family Disputes .......

R.N. asks from Beaumont

Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for any and all comments, suggestions, advice, etc. ..... Things that people say and do in my extended family really "get under ...


Tell Us About Your Pets

K.S. asks from Detroit

It's 1:18 a.m., and I'm awake after having slept for a few hours, and so I'm on Mamapedia. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, our cat, Onyx, comes and sit...


Friends' House Drop Offs?

K.H. asks from Dover

I will state from the start, that I am a paranoid and over protective mother. I have a daughter that is 5, and being in kindergarten..all the birthday parties have st...