Marriage: BOB

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Wedding 1St Dance Songs...

I need a 1st dance song for me and my guy... I'm terrible at this wedding stuff!! Seriously, the first song that comes to mind is 'Faithless' by Social Distortion... yeah, this is why I need help ;) I also need a song for me and my dad. I remember that forever ago I heard the song 'Butterfly Kisses' by I DON'T KNOW WHO, and I thought 'huh, if I ever get married, that's the song I'd play when my daddy and I dance'... but I haven't heard it in a while. I'm not trying for super cheesey here ;) Any suggestions?? My parents song is ...

Babysitting the Grand Kids

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Do You Correct a Neighbor's Child?

We have a neighbor friend that my son likes to play with. She is a recent sahm so the kids are playing together more now than in the past. The other little boy “hates” everything! He hates his mom, his food, the water in the pool.... My kids aren’t angels by any means but they don’t use the word hate or stupid. If they don’t like something that is fine but we don’t use names. I know we will get there when everything is stupid but my boys are 5 and 2 and I don’t allow it. The other little boy(4) is also very aggressive....


Strong Willed Child

Help!!! Can anyone else relate?? I have a 28 month old little boy who I...

Step Child & Step Grandchild

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What to Call "Step-Grandmother"

My mom has a situation. Her new husband (my step-father) has just become a grandfather in August. He divorced his wife some years ago.. and their oldest (daughter-Lidsey) had a baby. The baby already already has 2 grandmothers.. and my mom's trying to think of something for the little one to call her. She doesn't want to be known as just Barb (her name). And plus this is her 2nd grandchild, but 1st grandchild thats not blood related to her. All three of my step-siblings know that my mother and their father are what you might call "soulmates...