Managing Debt

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Mortgage Question

A.M. asks from New York

We are preparing ourselves to by our first home within the year. Today we were told we could afford a mortgage of $X. Now, NJ is a very expensive state so what X can ...


Mom Is Being Threatened by past Credit Card Companies

L.H. asks from Houston

My mom is being harassed by past credit card debt. What is the statute of limitations on being taken to court? The debt is from 2003. She was with a credit card de...


Just Received a Court Summons

A.M. asks from Denver

So I received a court summons from a company that bought my small debt, under $1000, via a local attorneys office. Basically no matter what I do I will receive a judg...


Dave Ramsey Fans

V.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I know there are a ton of you on here, So i am curious. Those of you that have gone debt free or seriously slashed your credit debt, Can you please tell me 2 things...


Dave Ramsey

D.G. asks from Lincoln

I see a lot of people refer to him for paying of debt and saving money - but which Dave Ramsey book do you get?...and do you need the workbook?


If You Had $500,000, What Would You Do?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

If you unexpectedly were given $500,000 (tax free), what would you do with it? Pay down debt? Save it? Curious to know what you all would do with a bonus $500,000?


Put in a Very Uncomfortable Situation

N.S. asks from Austin

I don't want to get into too many personal financial details, so I will try and keep this really simple. DH and I previously owned a home, sold at a significant loss...


What to Do??

S.R. asks from Detroit

I am at a loss as to how to handle our finances & my overwhelming credit card debt. I was considering debt consoldiation or bankruptcy however don't want to jump into...


Need Help Deciding What to Do About Finances

L.B. asks from Minneapolis

I hope someone can help me out there. We are having serious finance problems. Me and my husband both work but he does not make much $ and we have a few credit cards...


Has Anyone Used Careone Credit Counseling???

L.G. asks from Phoenix

I am thinking about getting help to get myself out of debt. I have tried getting the creditors to lower interest rates but that hasnt helped much. I am in the proc...