Managing Debt: Adult Child

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What Is the Age That Most "Kids" Move Out?

V.K. asks from Sacramento

I have 5 children. 4 stepchildren and my daughter. My children's ages are 22 (23 in Feb), 21 (Nov 30), 18 (Nov 20), 16 (Dec. 5) and 5 (Nov 24). I was wondering...


College Tuition: Whose Responsibility Is It?

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I have thoughts on pros and cons of both sides to this, but I'm very curious as to what your thoughts are. * Provided college is the right choice for your child, t...


Our Daughters Future

M.M. asks from Tallahassee

My husband does not like the idea that our daughter (by previous marriage) got a scholarship to a prestige private college 8 hrs away. My share of the tuition is appr...


College: Who Pays? Child or Parent?

K.L. asks from Memphis

Do you think that a child's first four years of college is the parent's responsiblity if the parent did not save for it?


Stressed! Help Please!

V.K. asks from Sacramento

We have so much going on right now that most the time I am not sure how I am still able to do all that I do. First ... we have 5 kids. We live in a nice 4 bedroom h...


When to Stop

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Our 18 year old senior has played sports since he was 4 years old. When get got to mid-school he did year round sports and student council. His dad shared with him th...


Collecting Child Support After the Age of 18

T.R. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if it is Legal to collect past due Child Support after the Child is over the age of 18?


Possibly Getting a Divorce

K.L. asks from Casper

I am at the begining of a divorce and have no idea what I should do. We have a 26 mo old little angel and I am not sure how to handle this with her. I am also pregnan...


Are You Financially Rich?

A.G. asks from Houston

Wealthy? Well off? Well to do? Upper class? If you are, how do you financially compare to your circle of friends and/or sphere of influence? *Do you pay more ...