Managing Debt: Adult Child

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Husband of 20 Yrs Leaving Me & Our 3 Kids for Another & Leaving the Country

C.W. asks from Washington DC

It has been 3 days since he told me--1 since we told our girls--18,15 and 12. He is staying in our guest room because he says if he gets his own place that takes mon...


Selecting a College

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

Moms, I have a 17 year senior old who has been accepted to 7 colleges. She has been in a prep-college program throughout high school and they pay for 7 college appl...


Enforcing Rent with Older Children

H.D. asks from Boston

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has experienced this. At the advice of several people, we plan to collect rent from our 18 year old daughter after she graduates h...


Do You Ask/expect Financial Support from Your Parents?

D.M. asks from Clarksville

I would like to know if you ask your parents for money when you really don't have any other option. The reason for my asking is that I had a big fight with my mother ...


Adult Children/Christmas Presents

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

Our adult child gave us a dozen homemade cookies for a Christmas present, that's all. I feel that was a cheap and selfish thing to do. Especially, since she has a g...


Many of Us Helped a Family and Now the Mom Is Jealous/mad???

K.B. asks from Tulsa

My question is should I go back to anonymous giving? I can't send a money order to someone like her because she doesn't handle money well. I helped with specific bil...


18-Year-old Son Not Interested in Getting a Job

D.V. asks from Dallas

My 18 yo son is about to graduate and thinks, with his senior schedule, it would be too stressful to get a part-time job. He has had the same job on Saturdays for fi...


Seeking Advise on Supporting a Second Family

C.J. asks from Chicago

Please share your thoughts on this b/c I need to put this to rest. A good friend for over 24 years divorced her husband just about 1 year ago. She has 3 beautiful g...


My Boyfriend and I of 2 Years Rented a Large House Together.

D.G. asks from Stockton

His adult son (24 years old) lives with us and he wants to only work part time at night at a grocery stock boy. My boyfriend doesn't require much of him and only asks...


Opinions Wanted and Needed

K.F. asks from New York

Sorry this is long. My oldest is in his last year of college and we all were looking forward to him graduating in May. However he has informed us that he will have an...