Mammogram & Pap Smear: Adult Child

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Abnormal Pap Smear

A.H. asks from Springfield

Has anyone had an abnormal Pap smear? I have a recheck on Monday and I'm scared to death. Any words of advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


18 Year Old Had an Abnormal Mammogram

T.P. asks from New York

Ladies, I am scared out of my mind I took my daughter to have a check-up and she had her breast exam. The doctors found a really large lump in her right breast. She a...


Lump in Breast - Breastfeeding My 13 Month Old

C.B. asks from Dallas

I started to have an aching feeling in my left armpit about 1 month ago. I went to the dr. and he couldn't find anything amiss. It could have been that my lymph nod...


Why Are Women Talk About Breast Cancer but Not Ovarian

S.G. asks from Asheville

As an 18 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer, I get a little angry that there is a lot of hype about Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer but little is said about Ovarian Ca...


Please Recommend OB/GYN in Murfreesboro, TN

R.D. asks from Nashville

I loved my OB/GYN Dr. Bradley, but he passed away suddenly a couple of years ago. I went to another doctor in his office last year for my yearly PAP test, but I didn...


When Should I Get My Daughters 1St GYN Appt

J.C. asks from Bloomington

My 12 yr old started her period last July, and I am wondering when I should schedule her first GYN exam? Her ped doesnt think it is necessary until she has problems o...


How to Talk to My Teenage Daughter About Her Sexual Activity.

C.T. asks from Modesto

Hello again ladies, I know I ask a lot of questions but I have got a lot of realy great advice! So here goes my story. I have a 16 year old da...


What to Tell a Child When a Granparent Is Dying/when They Die???

N.A. asks from Harrisburg

Okay, so this request is actually for my sister...not me. Her father in law is dying quickly of liver cancer and does not have much longer to live. She is worried ab...


HPV Vaccine for Boys

C.C. asks from Denver

My doc suggested next year my SON receive the HPV vaccine at 11. I thought it was only for girls but doc said recommendations have changed. Do any of you wise mom...


When Was Your Last Proud Moment?

R.J. asks from Salt Lake City

Today my 8 year old who has almost paralyzing stage fright stood up in his grandparents program and said his lines 4 times without withering down or crying or panicki...