Makeup Routine: Toddler

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Eye Makeup

M.G. asks from Oklahoma City

Ok. SOMETIMES i get to wear makeup.if my 18 month old daughter allows me to. if she gets up early it doesnt happen. so when i get it on i want it to stay. my eye shad...



A.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, Moms. I've been using Clinique make-up for years and want to try something new! What is your favorite brand and why??



M.T. asks from Phoenix

My 13 year old is getting into make up.I only allow her to wear lip gloss,I don't want her to grow up!!Should i just allow her to wear makeup?


Sensitive Skin to Cosmetics

J.J. asks from Portland

I have a bad complexion problem i break out really esy using certain foundations.. i have to use foundation on my face help me


Time for Some Makeup

J.F. asks from Dallas

I'm almost 26 years old and I've never worn much makeup. I don't know very much about it either. But I'm starting to feel like I'd really enjoy wearing it. Problem is...


Makeup Trouble

S.B. asks from Springfield

Hello Ladies I know that most of you on here who do wear makeup have some of the problems that Im having right now finding that one foundation for your skin type, so...


13 Year Old and Makeup?

T.C. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter wants to wear makeup for the first time! (besides lip gloss and chap stick). She says her friend Mandie wears mascara, foundation, concealer, eye liner, p...


12 Year Old and Makeup

J.S. asks from Provo

My daughter is turning 12 this next week. At what age would you recommend her wearing makeup. She has a beautiful face with freckles, but she has always wanted to w...


Makeup at Ballet Recital - I Am NOT Putting Makeup on My 3 Yr Old

C.T. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is 3 and in ballet. This is her first recital, she stared 9 month ago. It will be at a small civic center here in town. It is for friends, family, etc.......


Fashion - Makeup Follow up Question! :)

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

I just asked a fashion question... now for makeup.. I don't wear much makeup, not every day for sure. So, the makeup I have in my bag is literally from my wedding...