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Need to Purchase a New Car seat...what Do You Suggest?

S.K. asks from Rockford

My baby, Emma, is no longer a baby and we are getting ready to make the transition from infant carrier to "big girl" car seat. I'm overwhelmed with all the choices an...


2 Things: Best Purchase We Ever Made! What Toys Should I Buy 2 Year Old DD?

B.S. asks from Dallas

OK Ladies, what is the BEST purchase you ever made. My husband and I agree that the combination carseat/stroller called a Sit 'N Stroll 5 in 1, is our best investmen...


Gift Ideas for New Big Brother/sister

S.C. asks from Dallas

I know a few 3 year olds who will be becoming big brothers or big sisters soon. What are some gift ideas for them?


This Is a Big One

B.H. asks from Dallas

OK Moms... you've given me such great advice and info in the past, this is the first place I thought to ask this question. My husband has a 16 y/o daughter from a ...


Best Place to Purchase Bunk Beds?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I had bought my daughters bunk beds about 5 years ago from big lots... twin on top, full on the bottom... for $70. Sadly, these are officially on their last leg. ...


Vehicle Big Enough for Family and Carpool

S.S. asks from Salt Lake City

We will buy a car this year and would like more space. I know the Suburban and 12-15 passenger vans can seat more people but what are some other options for a larger...


Best Place to Purchase Nutramagin Formula

K.F. asks from Dallas

My son was just diagnosed with a Milk allergy (tested positive for the allergy) and the doctor suggested that I either switch to Nutramagin Formula or take ALL dairy ...


Purchase Advice. Shark Floor Steamer?

M.W. asks from Washington DC

I was wondering if anyone has a shark floor steamer. I like the idea that it only uses steam to clean the floors and that it can be used on tile and wood floors. I...


Purchase Disney Pass for 3 Year Old?

A. asks from Tampa

Hi all! My husband and I recently purchased Disney passes for ourselves and have been taking our 2 year old. Money is pretty tight but we saw this as our treat fo...


Too Big for 3T but Not Big Enough for 4T, What to Do W/ Pants Waist to Fit?

P.M. asks from New York

I don't know what to do about pants for my almost 4 year old. 3T just fits but a little short, so I'd hate to buy 3T pants knowing he'll outgrow them in a month or tw...