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20 Month Old on Airplane

A.T. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I am getting ready to travel with my 20 month old son on an airplane. We did not purchase a seat for him; however, I am traveling with 2 other family mem...


16 Month Old First Flight

N.L. asks from Chicago

HI Moms, My husband and I are going to Florida on Friday. We're taking our 16 month old son with us and it'll be his first flight. He's our only child so far so i...


Flying with a 2 Year Old!

T.C. asks from Dallas

I am taking my 2 year old son on his first trip that will require a plane ride. I'm not really sure what to expect and I was hoping someone would have some advice. ...


Driving Alone with 13 Month Old

M.G. asks from Biloxi

Although this will not be my first trip alone with my son, it is the first since he as been forward-facing and ACTIVE! It is a miracle if we get to daycare and home...


Flying with 8 Month Old

T.K. asks from Chicago

My husband and I will be going to Florida at the end of the month with our 8 month old son. We are flying Southwest and have not booked a seat for our son. Any tips...


Any Advice for Plane Travel Advice with a 19 Month Old

W.S. asks from Bloomington

Does anyone have advice for traveling by plane with a 19 year old. This is our first plane trip and I want to be prepared. Did you buy a special car seat or just us...


Suggestions to Occupy 15 Month Old on a Plane?

M.A. asks from Minneapolis

We have the 4 year old covered, but what am I going to do with this little guy on the airplane? He will be a "lap child" but if anyone does not fit that description,...


How Do I Keep My 16 Month Old Entertained and Meet Her Curiosity Needs?

R.N. asks from San Francisco

My 16 month old is extremely curious and active. We run out of ideas on how to keep her engaged and busy during the days she doesnt go to day care. Any ideas on activ...


Seeking Travel Entertainment Ideas for Busy 18 Month Old

Y.K. asks from Los Angeles

My family will be traveling from California to the Washington DC area at Thanksgiving and my now busy 15 month old will be an even busier 18 month old by then and the...


Diaper Changing Struggle with 11 Month Old!

J.A. asks from Fresno

Hi, I wonder if anyone has ideas or suggestions to help me keep my 11 month old daughter still while I change her diaper! She is always trying to get away when I am ...