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Seeking Parents Advice on Rules for My 15 Year Old Son.

My son has in general always been respectful, kind, hardworking and grateful. After recieving his iphone and entering into the texting, facebook world everything about him is changing. Friends are the main focus. Typical teen stuff parents are idiots, knows all the answers etc. What concerns me is his disrespect and feelings of entitlement. We have had a family meeting with him laying down some rules an guidelines. Some of them: phone must be given to us by 10pm on school nites, 10:30pm curfew. No going out with friends on school...

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Seeking Advice for Out of Control 16 Year Old

I am seeking advice for a 16 year old who is out of control. A little bit about our sitation - I am 31 single female (no kids)with a 16 year old sister. Our mother died over 14 years ago, so she was raised primarily by our father. Out of pity for my youngest sister, he let her grow up doing whatever she wanted - no disipline whatsoever. In total, my father father has 4 kids - we are all from the same 2 parents. During these past years, ny father did not want us coming around or trying to disipline the youngest. Now at 16, she is beyond...


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Unmotivated 16 Year Old

My 16 year old daughter is very smart, but is very unmotivated to complete her school work, therefor seems to be running a C average in almost everything. I speak to her teachers who say she 'drifts off' in class. She often gets zeros for homework she 'does not feel like doing'. I realize a C average is not the end of the world, but I know she is capable of more and would like her to be able to go to college. I have taken away privliges, offered incentives, etc, and she says she will do better, and may for a very short time, then its back...


My 16 Year Old

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work...


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Handling a 17 Year Old Son When He Refuses to Do Things

My oldest son is a really good kid. But he is so very lazy. When he is asked to do things around the house, it's like pulling teeth to have him get it done and it's never without him complaining about it and getting angry. It drives me crazy when he does this because he's not getting angry about doing the stuff, he is making himself angry so he will do it. (His explanation) He was supposed to get a summer job, and he has done nothing to do so. He will be in 11th grade this school year. He had quit school last year and started job Corps,...

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Family Vacation Dilemma, What Would You Do?

Sorry this got longer than I intended. My husband and I have 4 kids - 2 are 16, one is 10, the other is 8. The last time we did a fly-away vacation was 9 years ago, when the youngest wasn't even born and my 10 year old was an infant. We have been talking about going back to Florida and taking the kids to Disney (the youngest haven't been yet) for years but something always comes up that needs to be paid for. We do small vacations to Maine or Cape Cod every other summer but I really, really want to do one more big "get on a plane and go...