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Birth Announcements/treats for Big Brother

R.D. asks from Des Moines

I know I saw somewhere an idea for having birth announcements for the older sibling to hand out at school. Something like "___ is a big brother..." and the baby's inf...


Big Boy Car Seat

R.S. asks from Charleston

I am starting my search on purchasing the front facing car seat for my 9 month old. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of car seat to get because there ar...


Need to Purchase a New Car seat...what Do You Suggest?

S.K. asks from Rockford

My baby, Emma, is no longer a baby and we are getting ready to make the transition from infant carrier to "big girl" car seat. I'm overwhelmed with all the choices an...


2 Things: Best Purchase We Ever Made! What Toys Should I Buy 2 Year Old DD?

B.S. asks from Dallas

OK Ladies, what is the BEST purchase you ever made. My husband and I agree that the combination carseat/stroller called a Sit 'N Stroll 5 in 1, is our best investmen...


Too Big for 3T but Not Big Enough for 4T, What to Do W/ Pants Waist to Fit?

P.M. asks from New York

I don't know what to do about pants for my almost 4 year old. 3T just fits but a little short, so I'd hate to buy 3T pants knowing he'll outgrow them in a month or tw...


A Good Bath Tub for a Big Infant

M.A. asks from New London

Hello! My 6 month old daughter is a very big baby, and she's outgrown her infant tub. Could somebody please recommend a good tub that works for infants/toddlers? T...


"Seeking Advice on a Car Seat/ Buster Seat Purchase"

A.A. asks from Seattle

Hello ladies, My daughter is 5 and a half. She has been using Britax car seat since whe was a baby. Now she is almost 60 pounds and very tall. The problem is that ...


Big Deal Being Made About Tatoo Barbie!

C.C. asks from Houston

I just don't know why everyone is making a big fuss over the neck tatooed Barbie...she has a skull tshirt and leopard tight jeans. So what...have you seen the way so...


9 Month Old Frightened in Big Bathtub

G.M. asks from San Francisco

I just recently put my 9 month old daughter in the 'big girl' bathtub for the first time the other day. I did it again tonight, as she still seems extremely frighten...


School Supplies-big Deal?

G.D. asks from Detroit

I grazed over the blog about school supply madness on Mamapedia and didn't quite get it. I usually start shopping as soon as the sales start and buy more than needed....