Major Purchases: Target

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Super Walmart or Super Target??

E.B. asks from Seattle

We have had a Super walmart in my area for awhile. I am not a rock solid fan of the mega store. But it has come in handy when I cant afford to hit up our Fred meyer...


Is a Target Red Card a Credit/debit Card?

C.R. asks from Dallas

I was offered on at my local target since I am a frequent shopper there. I asked if this was a credit card but couldn't really get a straight answer from the cashier....


Target Won't Take Back Baby Registry Gift.

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone else had any problems with Target failing to exchange a baby registry gift because you did not have the gift receipt? I received two Close and Secure Slee...


On-line Shoppers, Is It Just Me or Does the Target Web Site Suck?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

I have not been able to get on the target website in two days. In the past the memory of my items in the cart gets lost after about 20 minutes and i have had to rese...


When Do You Purchase Your Halloween Costumes?

M.!. asks from Columbus

This is really our first year that the kids "really really really want to be ...." They keep changing their minds tho. I would hate to wait too long to get a costu...


Big Girl Car Seat

C.W. asks from Topeka

Hi Ladies! I just have a question for you all. I have a 9 month old who is still in her infant travel carseat, the one that you can just pull in and out of the car? A...


Seeking Input on Purchase of a Double Jogging Stroller

J.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I am looking to purchase a double jogging stroller for my 2 1/2 yr old (35 inches and 31 lbs)and 2 month old within the next few weeks. I would love to hear what dou...


Where Is a Good Place to Purchase Suitcases?

P.:. asks from Phoenix

My family is in need of new suitcases. In the past we've purchased suitcases from the Samsonite outlet and I haven't been impressed. I guess they're in the outlet sto...


Convertible Carseat (Rear Facing) Recommendations for My Little (Big) Boy

J.C. asks from Washington DC

My son is almost six months old but will be outgrowing his infant carseat any minute now. I'm looking for recommendations for a convertible carseat that will obvious...


How Often Do You Purchase School Pictures?

P.G. asks from Dallas

First daycare, then school - 2 times per year they do the kid photos. The packages are reasonably priced, but I just wonder if I'm a "bad" mom if I don't go "Oh yay, ...