Major Purchases: Simplicity

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Opinion on Graco Cribs

J.W. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone have an opinion on Graco cribs? I haven't been able to find a store that displays them and have only been able to find them online from Walmart. I like ...


HELP...can Someone Tell Me What Vacuum Cleaner to Purchase???

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi...I just bought a Dyson DC07 and I don't like it. It doesn't have great suction...and I had a Kenmore vac...and I like that but the belts kept breaking. Can some...


Help!!! Hosting a Breakfast for 70-80 People First Week in May!

A.E. asks from Spartanburg

Hi everyone, I am new to this but I need a little help. I am the PTA President at my kids school (this is my 1st year) and we are hosting a breakfast for teacher app...


Car Seats - Graco SportsComfort Vs. Cosco Scenera

K.M. asks from Chicago

Hi all - I am hoping that your good advice will help me make an educated decision! We are leaving for vacation soon and need to buy a second car seat for the plane ri...



K.S. asks from St. Cloud

Hello, I am wrting because I am wondering if any body has this same issue that I am currently having with my spouse. A while back we were seperated for a couple of r...


POLL: Would You Buy the American Girl Doll?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

So my husband found out she costs $100. Woops! I handle the money and never buy anything big like that without letting my husband know first, but I wasn't going to te...


First Time Home Buyer

T.L. asks from Dallas

My DH and I are looking to purchase our first home this summer. Our lease is up the end of August and we are really excited to start looking. Being first time home bu...


How to Correct Bad Behaviors

L.V. asks from Las Vegas

My boys are pretty hyper, defiant, whiny, rough with each other, tattle tellers, and they cry for every little thing.I don't know what else to do. We are moving into...


What to Give a Retiring Kindergarten Teacher?

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there, My daughter is in Kindergarten with a great teacher and I am the classroom parent. All year, it's been pulling teeth to get parents to contribute towards t...


Shop Vaccuum

V.K. asks from Salt Lake City

We have tile and berber-like (no shag/ pile) carpet. I want a vaccuum with a powerful sucker but doesn't need the brushes really - they just flip the dirt around and...