Major Purchases: Infant

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Which Car Seats to Purchase?

I'll give you the kiddos stats, first: DD#1: 3 years old (just), 33 lbs, 38 inches tall; currently in her bigger sister's Britax, which is expiring DD#2: 5 months old, 18lbs, 27 inches tall; currently in a Graco baby bucket We're driving a 2008 Kia Sedona, with the two carseat riders in the middle row, captain's chairs We've been looking at & reading about new carseats & are having a hard time deciding. We tried some seats out yesterday & liked the Britax Frontier for DD1; it seemed roomy & I like that the harness straps don't...


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Reviews on Front Loading Washing Machine?

Our washing machine recently went out and we're looking at getting one of the front loading ones. We have been out to look at them and have read online reviews, but they are mixed. It seems there are almost an equal number of people that rave about them versus people who hate them and this is for all 3 major brands. I would love to know if any of you have purchased a front loading washer, what brand, what you like, and any problems you may have had. Thanks so much!

Cars & Trucks

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Re: Looking for a Good Used Car Dealership

Hello, I wanted to look for a used car but I am weary about them. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to go in the North side of Chicago or North, Northwest suburbs. Thanks for your help.


Buying New Car

My husband and I are looking to buy a new car..he test drove the saturn ion...


Buying a Car

ok i'm looking for all you independant-minded tough chickie mamas out there...


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Anyone Have Advice on Saving for Children's College? 529 Plans?

Looking for information on saving for children's college. Family gives money for kids birthdays and Christmas and I want to start something just not sure where to begin. I know there are limitations to the 529 plans so I'd like to hear opinions on whether it's a good or bad choice. THANKS!


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Infant Carrier for Large Baby

My 6 1/2 month old son weighs 19lbs 7oz, and is fast outgrowing his infant car seat. My baby has an almost 3 yr old brother, and we go out a lot to playgrounds, hiking, museums. So far I have been carrying the little guy in a Baby Bjorn (sport model) but I'm beginning to have almost constant back pain. I'd love to be able to carry the baby for as long as he'll tolerate being in a carrier. And when he grows out of that car seat, would also like a carrier that's easy to get in and out, to get us all to and from the car. Do any moms of large...


Buying a House

I just entered into the "wonderful" experience of buying our first house. I...


House Buying Question

If you are not a first-time home buyer, how much do you have to put down on...

Vacation & Travel

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Extended Family Vacation Suggestions

My two brothers and I are planning a giant family vacation in order to celebrate our father's retirement. I was hoping you all could provide me with suggestions for a fun and unique family vacation experience that would be appropriate for around 7-10 adults and 8 children from ages newborn to five-years. We already do a beach vacation once a year and we're leary of bringing kids on a cruise. Any thoughts outside of those two? Oh and I should also mention, camping is out. My dad's more the central AC/cable tv type. Thanks for your help! I...


Family Vacation Ideas

We have never taken a family vacation. We would like to this year. Our kids...