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Gift Ideas for Big Brother from New Baby

S.W. asks from Boston

Hi ~ I am due to have a C-section for my second son on 5/22 and am looking for any ideas for gifts from the baby to his 3 year old brother. I don't want my older son...


Fun Educational Videos for Toddlers/kids When Traveling.

B.H. asks from Salt Lake City

We are moving to MO in April and driving. It'll be about a 22 hour journey with our toddler. I was wondering what educational videos you have enjoyed for your kids. W...


Thinking About Christmas Already

J.S. asks from Chicago

Yeah...I know...crazy! I am looking for ideas for some big Christmas gifts this year for a will be 4 year old(girl) and 2 year old (boy). I am looking for something...


Seeking Ideas of What to Put Under Dresses to Hide Underwear

M.A. asks from Los Angeles

My four year old is very active. I need some ideas of what to put under her dresses to cover her underwear. When she was younger most dresses came with little coveral...


Potty Training My 2 Year Old

N.T. asks from Los Angeles

i have a head-strong 30 month old daughter who we are trying to potty train. we've been trying on and off for about 6 months now, but to no avail. she really resists ...


Frustrated with Potty Training 3 1/2 Year Old

V.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 3 ½ as of December and still not potty trained, AT ALL! I’ve been trying off and on to get her to go for a year. I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHIN...


Where to Find a Child's Table and Chairs

A.S. asks from Chicago

I need to find a child's table and chairs, not too expensive. It has to be a square or rectangle for space saving in our kitchen. I tried 6 different stores yesterday...


3 Year Old Girl Birthday gifts...any Suggestions??

M.C. asks from Miami

Hello ladies! I was just wondering what your 3 y/o girls are playing with? I am going to a b-day party next weekend and was just wondering what is popular amongst ...


Good Travel Crib (Need to Buy or Rent for Stay in Brigantine, NJ)

R.Z. asks from Philadelphia

Can anyone suggest a good travel crib for a 19 month old (33 inches tall, 27 lbs)? We either need a place to rent from (going to stay at a relatives beach house in Br...


Wholesome Movies for a 3.5 Year Old Girl?

K.M. asks from San Diego

Hi Ladies - I'm looking for a list of wholesome movies for my little one. I REALLY don't like the disney movies for a variety of reasons. So far she's seen (and LOVEs...