Maintaining the Relationship

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Relationship Question

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

I am having some trouble with my bf. We have been together almost 6 yrs. He works overnight driving a cab. ABout 6 weeks ago when I woke up at 7am he wasn't home. ...


Is This a Normal Relationship?

S.B. asks from Dallas

Moms, I need your help. My husband and I have been married for nearly 3 years. Before our marriage, we lived apart for a few years into the relationship, so our i...



A.E. asks from Dallas

So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up. And his family invited me to go eat. Well his ex-wife is going too. Should I go? Should I stay home? She calls him a lot...



A.M. asks from Boston

Me and my husband have been together for 3 years and about 6 months ago his ex girlfriends boyfriend broke up with her so she started talking to his family again. I f...



K.G. asks from Nashville

My daughter has dated the same boy for 5 years and they broke up a few months back. She is heartbroken and upset. They cant stay away from each other but they haven...



T.H. asks from Topeka

What do you guys do to keep the "spark" going with your hubby? We have little ones so its not feasible for us to go on weekend getaways. We do the occasional "date ni...



T.W. asks from Fort Smith

I have been married for a number of years with two children. I am requesting advice about knowing when a marriage has no hope. My husband has not held a steady job fo...


Relationship with Mother as an Adult:

E.D. asks from Seattle

Hey ya'll, I'll try to write more later, and give this some context. For now, some questions: What do you think a mother's role should look like once her childr...


Is a Dysfunction Relationship with a Bio Parent Better than No Relationship?

E.D. asks from Seattle

Good morning mamas, This morning I wake with my head in a container, and I fear I'm not able to see through my feelings. So help me out. Give me your ideas and e...


Great Relationship with EX

J.L. asks from San Diego

I've been divorced for about 2.5 years. I have a really great relationship with my ex. We just had a conversation today that was pretty poignant and I thought about...