Lunch Box & Thermos: Preschooler

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Looking for Lunch Box Ideas

S.C. asks from Tampa

Okay - so my baby starts kindergaten in 2 weeks :-(. He isn't a picky eater, with the exception of peanut butter & carrots, so almost anything goes. I do want to pa...


Lunch Box Lunches

S.M. asks from Boston

So I am hitting the wall with lunch box lunch ideas for my daughter's lunches. She goes to pre-school 3 days a week. They provide 2 snacks per day and I pack her lu...


Seeking Lunch Box Tips.

S.A. asks from Tampa

I will be sending my 2-year-old daughter to preschool. She is a very picky eater. I want to ask you all if you have any lunchbox ideas that she would like. I will ...


Best Lunch Box for Preschoolers?

M.3. asks from Fort Walton Beach

Hi all ! My daughter will starting VPK in August and since the school year is just ending I thought it would be fresh on everyone's mind of what kind of Lunch box/bag...


Lunch Box Ideas for School

J.W. asks from Denver

Hi Moms! My son will be starting 1st grade this week, and for the first time ever, I will be packing his lunch every day. I'm looking for some healthy, balanced lun...


Asking for Ideas for What Easy Food to Pack in Preschool Lunch Box??

Y.P. asks from Los Angeles

Dear Mamas, My 3 year old kid just started going to preschool and I have to pack a lunch box every morning. Since I am working full time, not that much time to make ...


Need Healthy Lunchbox Suggestions for Picky 4 Year Old!

L.W. asks from Nashville

Hey Rockin' Mamas! My son has just started at a new preschool where the majority of the children bring their lunch. There is a wonderful lunch selection available, ...


What to Pack in a Picky Eaters Lunch Box?

C.H. asks from Dallas

My son will be starting kindergarten this year. He is such a picky eater. He will only eat hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chips and dip. Those are his most favorites. Eve...


3 Year Old Cries All Day at Preschool

T.K. asks from Philadelphia

My 3 year old daughter cries all day in preschool saying that she misses her Mommy. It has been 4 weeks now -(she goes twice a week for 2 1/2 hrs a day), and it's no...


Ideas for "Cold Lunch Box" Lunches Anyone?

N.P. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any ideas for lunch box type meals? In a few months my kids will be trying a morning program which requires them to bring a lunch box. We typically have...