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School Lunch Ideas - Not Sandwiches

D.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi, I need lunch ideas. What do you send for your child? My child is a little picky in that he doesn't like sandwiches, yogurt, or soup - the easy choices. Wha...


Is There a Sippy Cup Out There That Doesn't Leak!!!????

D.B. asks from San Diego

OK, honestly, is there a good sippy cup out there that doesn't leak on a regular basis!!!??? I have spent a fortune on every sippy cup out there, and all of them eit...


What Straw Cup Recommended for 10 Month Old?

J.M. asks from Denver

I previously posted about getting my 9 month old to take a sippy. He has been exclusively breastfed and finally started taking a bottle (with breastmilk) in daycare ...


Cups with Straws

J.☯. asks from Springfield

Does anyone know of a good cup with a straw for grade schoolers? I love the ones I've bought for myself, but they hold 16 oz. I have the Dora & Diego ones by Munchk...


Sippy Cup Recommendations ~ with a Straw

J.W. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am looking for a new sippy cup. We had one with a silicone straw and it did not last long. We do have a Born Free sippy cup that we love but it does not have ...


Straw Top Sippy Cup Suggestions

S.M. asks from Dallas

My youngest just doesn't like your standard sippy cup. He doesn't quite "get it" about lifting it up to have the drink come out, but he does fine with staw top cups....


Best Way to Transport Milk When Weaning Toddler off of Bottle

R.A. asks from Seattle

Hi all, We have just weaned our toddler off of his bottle and on to cow's milk in a sippy cup. When we go on outings we still fill a bottle with milk and take a sipp...


Refillable Baby/toddler Food Pouches

A.F. asks from Boston

Hi mamas! I am trying to find refillable baby food pouches that I can use for my 18 month old son. He is going through an independent streak where he wants to feed hi...


Heating up Breastmilk on the Go?

M.G. asks from Austin

Was wondering if anyone could give advice/tips on how you should warm up cooled breastmilk when you are on the go and don't have any type of heating element/source? ...


Bottle Warmer for the Car

L.B. asks from San Francisco

Has anyone used one of these that they like? My son is 4 mos. old now, and we are getting out more and I'd like to have a portable bottle warmer for the car. However,...